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Targets and Duties of World Turkish Businessmen Foundation are as below: 

  1. Taking the existence of Turkish businessmen abroad into consideration as the base to obtaining of more shares from world economy that is gradually globalizing and gaining competitive capacity by adopting its conditions.
  1. Collecting information for gathering up Turkish businessmen, who are active in various countries of the world, under a common frame and then submitting this information to the interested parties.
  1. Organizing the World Turkish Businessmen Conventions, and executing the perpetual Secretariat services of the said organizations, thus, ensuring the continuity of the Convention.
  1. Collecting information and documents needed by World Turkish Businessmen, and, also using the technical means, submitting them to their utilization.
  1. Creating solidarity among World Turkish Businessmen, and increasing the collaboration by this solidarity, thus, making contributions to development of Turkish economical existence in the world.
  1. Making studies that Turkey is able to benefit from the power and opportunities in maximum degree created by World Turkish Businessmen community.
  1. Making cooperation with occupational organizations and state enterprises and institutions in economical fields regarding private sector’s scope of activities, and supporting these types of activities and making aids for them.
  1. Regarding its targets; organizing domestic and foreign scientific seminars, making publications, granting supports to the studies that will develop the foreign marketing, making contacts with domestic and foreign establishments including representative relations.
  1. Rewarding letters of commendation and awards to entrepreneurs that were successful abroad with a view to support their activities, and to encourage their supporters.
  1. Making instructional and educational activities by establishing universities and academies, arranging courses, seminars and meetings, awarding scholarships, and ensuring scholarships from related countries for training of the personnel dealing with foreign trade in private sector and in state enterprises and institutions as domestically and also for foreign entities first of all in Central Asian Turkic Republics.
  1. Establishing institutes, centers, information banks, and laboratories targeting research, development, marketing and training; and operating and to be operated of them.