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Basic philosophy and the target of the Conventions, which was held first time in 1996 and has been held annually without delayed up to now, is .ensuring togetherness, solidarity, collaboration and cooperation among World Turkish Businessmen and investors active in various countries of the world, and then, by the help of the communication to be established, creating possibilities of concrete economic and commercial relationships to be build in global scale.

The numerical summary of the Conventions, which were held under the auspices of our Presidents of the Republic and Prime Ministers, as below:

  • - 2.117 participants from abroad
  • - 4.714 participants from Turkey
  • - 8.800 participants in total including guests
  • - Participations from more than 60 countries
  • - Approximately 100 speakers in the Plenary Sessions including Presidents of the Republic, Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, and representatives of    the businessmen abroad
  • - 120 sector and country meetings, workshops
  • - Approximately 700 speakers as specialist bureaucrats and as sectors. representatives in the sector meetings and workshops
  • - Approximately 3.000 mutual job interviews
  • - Participation of 200 companies in the fairs
  • - Approximately 1.000 news and articles to the press