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Main target of World Turkish Businessmen Conventions is determined as .creating of a synergy ambience by gathering up our businessmen abroad, and in this way, ensuring Turkish businessmen, who have been making activities on a vast spectrum on every corner of the world, to make information exchange and strong connections among them, thus, strengthening of our country.s economic power..

This understanding has been generally accepted by our businessmen active in Turkey and on every corner of the world, and by their associations, and also among our entrepreneurs as well as our Governments, occupational organizations and non-governmental organizations. With the motivation of this acceptance and encouragement, Conventions have been arranged without delaying since it.s first held in 1996.

Conventions have been made with some changes but under frame of main concept as below:

1. Plenary Session
2. Panels parallel to year.s .topic. of the Convention
3. Sector meetings
4. Work-Shops
5. Public Information Offices
6. Convention Fair
7. Mutual Interviews
8. Concert

In the Conventions, apart from this, additional activities overlapping with economic conjuncture had also been realized. For example, in the VI Convention that was held in 2006, an additional activity was realized named .Investment Stock Exchange of Provinces. with a view to be featured of .investments. bearing the priority in our country.s economics agenda, then, following the activity, the .Investment Catalogue for Provinces. was

issued. The basic document to be handed over in the Conventions is .Participant Catalogue.. .Convention Book. to be issued following the end of the Convention in which all the conversations made in the Convention took place is bearing an important source characteristic in view of reaching to views and determinations made in private sector meetings.