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Some activities such as sectoral meetings, introduction of the country and the workshops were made in the Conventions in serious manner. The specialist bureaucrats and the leader representatives of the sectors who were attended in these meetings as the lecturers ensured these meetings to be realized in highest levels in terms of conventions attributes by their presentations involving some important determinations and suggestions. 

Convention Books reflect the sectors’ production, employment, export, and also their situations as of balances in the world depending on the expressions of the most competent individuals. Convention Books, as of their said special features, are the most important sources for bureaucrats, businessmen, academicians, students and for all sectors in view of “brushing up the memory” and “making evaluation and reviewing of progressing whence and wither”. 

Not: I-IV. Kurultay Kitaplarının mevcudu kalmamıştır. V. Kurultay Kitabı'nın Vakfımızdan temini mümkündür.