Yakup ARIKAN - Member of the Supervisory Board


He completed his primary school education in Turkey, secondary and high school educations in Aachen-Germany. He graduated from Düsseldorf University with the title of “Senior Engineer of Telecommunication and Correspondence”. He became one of the founding partners of BEYTEKS A.Ş. in Istanbul and also became founding partner of AYTEX GmbH in Aachen, then assumed the Chairmanship of the Executive Committee of the latter company. He became founding partner and Chairman of the Executive Committees of the following companies established in the following years: BEYKO A.Ş., ALTEKS A.Ş., BEYBO A.Ş., BEYTUR A.Ş., Sirene Club Hotel-Belek, BEYMODA GmbH, and BEY Group. He presented at some production activities from thread to final ready-made productions, worked in printing industry as well as tourism and energy sectors. He became one of the founders of Union of Turkish and German Ready-made Clothing Producers (TÜDET), Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists Association (ATİAD), Turkish Foreign Trade Foundation and World Turkish Businessmen Foundation, and also became one of the members of Executive Committees and Boards of Trustee of the said organizations. He founded BEYSPOR eV Aachen Football Team and became its Chairman. He assumed the duty of Deputy Chairman of EUROTÜRK eV Aachen Türkish German Friendship Association. He founded ARIKAN Training and Health Foundation and became its Chairman of the Executive Committee. He is presently going on executing of these duties.