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The most important actuality of a country is true-bred human resource having knowledge and skills. Turkey has a great advantage from that point of view and harbors a young and dynamic population having an entrepreneurship spirit.

Our Entrepreneurs always have a special situation within that population structure. At the beginning of 60s our young population who have emigrated to European Union countries as labor force diversified their achievements accomplished by their disciplines and diligence by undertaking different tasks and functions beginning from second generation and their commercial entrepreneurship adventure that begins on the ground of meeting the needs of their own citizens turned into an international entrepreneurship achievement which is supported by industrial investments. Today, our entrepreneurs that their numbers can be expressed as hundred thousands provide employment to millions and dominate a volume of business almost close to gross national product of Turkey. The extroverted development model which is put into practice beginning from early 80s encouraged entrepreneurs in Turkey to go for international arena. In the beginning, our entrepreneurs who stand out with increasing exportation and contracting business, show their mettle by their numerous investments on trade, service and industrial sector realized in different countries of the World.

Consequently, we can mention that an entrepreneur presence is rising in a potent way that does the necessities of globalizing world as being maintained from those two sources and provides considerable advantages in abroad for our country.

Our determinations on that area engender an opinion to assemble Turkish businessmen living throughout the world biennially under the concept of World Turkish Businessmen General Assembly in our homeland. As a result of the need to create a center to organize and monitor of General Assemblies which we can describe as a synergy and information atmosphere and in the employ of all businessmen in the world, the World Turkish Businessmen Foundation (DÜTİV) has been established. DÜTİV, which executes the General Assemblies in an outstanding achievement that the sixth one was held in 2006 and furthermore implements different kind of activities and events in the employ of Turkish business world, will continue to be in service of our country by maintaining its tasks with a renovated emotion in cooperation with our businessmen in foreign countries as a priority and with chambers, associations and foundations established by them.

Ertuğrul ÖNEN