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Establishing process of businessmen associations abroad begins in the middle of 80s. Work power immigration fact developed an employer identity when it was reached to 80s. A producing and employing structure was emerged from retail trade. Turkish entrepreneurs were investing almost in every sector and making commercial activities beyond the bounders of the country they were living in. .Organization. was a necessity in this process. An activity of establishing Turkish Businessmen Associations was experienced in the second half of 80s. This activity brought about to societies. booming in the first half of the 90s. A great number of societies were established. These societies covered all of the sectors at the beginning then, for a while later; the specialized associations established and took place in the job life for certain commodity groups. .Associations Inflation. settled on a rational ground over time by natural selection.

Turkish Businessmen Associations abroad on a vast geography from Unites States of America to Australia, and from African countries to Russia, today, is pioneering to commercial and economic activities in global scale, on the other hand, undertaking important activities in the name of preserving .the interests. by effective attempts before the governments and public authorities with their constitutional pressure attribution.